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Friday, June 17, 2011

Are you f***ing kidding me?

So I'm not going to my reunion next month, for many reasons.

The biggest one is cost, but not just the cost of flying out there and for hotel. First, they wanted to charge 80 for a whole weekend per person, then when enough people complained there was a sunday only option for people with families for a reduced price. Since I'm not made of money and definitely not local, I'm passing. I'm not in the mood to pay for someone's bar tab when I don't drink and to be around people who, from the looks of the reunion board, about 75 percent of the group has not left the high school or party scene.

After someone I knew well posted that he had to skip it due to costs as well, I made the simple suggestion to anyone on the East Coast (NYC and Boston areas) who had to miss it due to costs that maybe an option would be to maybe plan a mini-reunion for those on this side who want to meet up, perhaps linking it to the one out there with skype or something, or for after so that people who want to go to both can do so. I offered to open my home. My university does these types of events around the country for alumni, so why not this?

Well, you would have thought that I suggested that the world was coming to an end. Everyone who's on the planning committee is like, oh, what about couch surfing or here's what I found for airfare. Do they not understand that people have budgets, and families to support? I mean, I understand that yes, they are all single, and that yes, they want to make the reunion a large social event. But damn it all, some of us just can't swing thousands of dollars to fly out to an event that seems to be executed by the seat of their pants.

Maybe I'll see if there is an interest in a mini reunion, but with how the organizers are acting, I don't know if I should. God knows I wasn't in the popular group in high school, partying and getting schmucked and futhered every weekend.

Maybe by the 20th one the events will be more family and friendly, but I don't see that happening.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's officially starting...

the first round of the study begins! Went to Burlington yesterday, where I got a whole lot of blood drawn and an ultrasound to do a follicle count (and there were a lot!), and I start the first round of drugs tomorrow!

As I get closer and closer to beginning this, I'm starting to freak out. I want one more child, I do; but it's just the idea of having to go the fertility drug route to do it that makes me sad. I'm already moody as it is off of the pill, so depending on which drug the study has me in (it's a double blind study; neither the provider or I know, all we know is that it is one drug or the other, no placebos) I may get super bitchy.

Like how I was back in high school bitchy.

Not a good thing. But I guess it's a good thing I'm not going to the reunion next month; would make people think I haven't changed. LOL

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monkeychild and reading

I love my son, I love him dearly. And I love how smart he seems to be. But sometimes it can be a little problem.

We were shopping yesterday, and I had him in the cart walking around our home away from home, Target. Well, lately, he's been learning how to read letters, and he's started to put words together.

Note to self: Do not take him into the bra and underwear aisles.