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Sunday, June 13, 2010

ACK!!! Where did nine years go????

some of my high school classmates are beginning to plan our 10 year reunion...ACK!!!!!

Where the hell did nine years go? OMG OMG OMG

I want to go; there are people I would like to see again, and I would like to visit Vegas again, since I haven't been there since moving away, but seriously???? I didn't have the best high school experience. I did have a few friends, but overall, I didn't fit in anywhere. This is saying a lot considering I went to a magnet school where to outsiders we were ALL considered freaks and geeks. For those who have seen Glee, think an entire school of music like that. Sort of like the Fame school set in the desert. I was in the academic side of it, and I wasn't a popular person (more like the annoying one people tolerated). I wasn't top of the class, but I wasn't middle of the road...and I definitely pissed people off. I had friends, then I didn't. Yes, I had a lot of family drama that made me have some serious issues that attributed to that, but still.
Have I changed since high school? Didn't have much of a choice in that area. Have the people I went to school with? That's what I wonder. I know some are still awesome and nice, and I chat with them via Facebook (ah, the magic of that social network....), but I am scared to go there and see some old, I guess I'd call them differences of opinion come up. I'm worried that once all the cliques see each other again, they'll split off and then I'll be on the outside again.

I have a year, I guess. A year to lose some weight (there is a LOT to lose), plan the trip out there (going to try and fit in some time visiting my family out there at the same time), etc. Here's hoping that things go okay.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So tired...

So after the past few nights, I think I am pretty sure the Monkey Child will definitely be the only kiddo, at least that I carry and give birth to. He's been on a growth spurt as well as cutting those really sharp teeth, so his sleep patterns are off and leaves his Mama so very tired. Sleeping when he sleeps is not an option when he will only sleep in our bed or with me rocking in the recliner (I swear, my calves have never had such a workout as they had last night. Rocked him for 5 hours....). The transition to straight solid foods is slow going, but improving. We're breaking him of the bottle habit as of July first, and he's only down to one in the morning and maybe one at night.
I just wish the Bald Man would realize that I REALLY do not want to go through all the risks and dangers of another pregnancy, EVER. The problem lies in the fact that I believe in adoption as an option, but he's not sold on it. I would love to wait until I finish grad school and get settled into a job, then look into adopting a child somewhat close in age to Monkey Child so that he can have a playmate.
To go through another pregnancy would mean constant monitoring, bedrest from 14 weeks on, risk of abruption or placental problems, and a guarantee of a child likely to need some NICU time. Why subject my family to all of that, and the stress of bedrest, when there are so many children out there who need homes?


The Daycare hunt still goes on. Most places in our area have a very long waiting list, and some cannot take him at all because of the asthma. We have one more place to call and leave a voicemail, and if that isn't an option I am going to put him on the waiting list at Bright Beginnings, which is run by the YMCA in Plattsburgh. I've had friends who have worked there, and some people I know had their kids there, and it's awesome. A little more expensive than home care, but definitely better for socialization, etc, which is why I am looking into it. As much as I appreciate SuperGrammy's help of once a week, she's not very reliable, especially when it comes to sticking to a schedule. We will still have to rely on her until he can get in, but until we get him into a place, I am only planning on taking one class at a time (the program I am in allows you to take either one or two at a time). If we can potty train him early we may be able to get him in sooner rather than later. :-) We'll see how that goes over time. He's definitely not ready yet...