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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not this month....

No luck this month, but this works out well. If one believes in that Chinese Birth Chart, and after comparing it to all of my friends who had babies when I did I think it's seriously creepy how accurate it is, we would have conceived a boy this time. February is for a girl, and then boy for March and three months of girls. So I'm hoping for a lucky February!

In other news I signed up for the Jeopardy online test. In grad school I was hit with the not so flattering moniker of "google" because I could pull up facts out of my head faster than a search engine, which drove both professors and classmates nuts. I learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut no matter what, since no one likes being told, by someone either younger than them or supposedly less educated than them, information that they may have gotten wrong. But damn it, I might as well put the great education I got in high school (All those facts from Krausie's class come in handy a lot on that show!) to use....

We took BaldMan's cousins and little man out walking on Lake Champlain last weekend and he got a big kick out of it. Can you tell it was cold? The lake was frozen nearly completely across, except in the very middle where the current is fast. I've been telling Baldman for years I wouldn't walk on the ice, because I was afraid of falling through, but somehow he and the girls convinced me to go out so I could take pictures.  If you can't tell, little man loved it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No visit from Aunt Flo

So I don't know if it's the PCOS rearing its ugly head, or something else, but I haven't had any bleeding except a day of spotting since going off the Pill. Unless that was it, I don't know what's up. I was on antibiotics just before the pill ended, so who knows what's up. If I am already pregnant, it's creepy. I got pregnant with Monkey Child RIGHT after I got off the pill last time, but I had a period first!

Guess I have stuff to pick up on Payday.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I need nookie

After reading Betsy Shaw's Blog on BabyCenter about the six stages of sex after kids, I've come to the realization that I NEED NOOKIE. I need it NOW.

I guess if you use the scale Betsy has up, we're in stage 3-4, the so tired stage where we just can't. It's not that I don't WANT to, but there are some days that Monkey Child is just bouncing off the walls with energy that once he's down for the count so am I. And then on the days I want to, Baldman is having a bad pain day or is just too tired from the changes going on at work (they're moving his offices) that he's no good to me.

This stage is no good for the baby making plans. I swear, sometimes I wonder if we should just schedule sex, like a date night (whatever that is...). But damn it, I miss sex. We used to be all over each other, and even right after Monkeychild was born we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves (let's just say we didn't wait the six weeks...) Then I went on the Pill and my drive disappeared. But that I'm off the Pill my drive is back, so now we need to get the DH back up to par. I'm hoping this sleep study he's got to do tonight down in Albany will help him somehow. Maybe if he gets more restful sleep at night he could be more like how we were before kiddo came along!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I crazy?

I wonder if I am crazy for trying again.

After all, we already know that no matter what a pregnancy will be high risk, because of the BU. There's also the higher risk of Spina Bifida or spinal related issued because of both Monkey Child's SB and because of my IBS. But because we know the risks, and are taking measures to prevent as many issues as possible (i.e., extra folic acid to prevent the SB, and extra appointments to monitor the pregnancy closely), maybe it's not so crazy. Plus, I even told my doc in Burlington that I would donate my uterus to the hospital as a teaching aid after I have my second child (BU is very rare; only between 0.1-0.5% of all women in the US have one. It's a birth defect). While I think she thought I was joking, I was perfectly serious when I mentioned it in my appointment on Monday. I only want two kids (at least biological ones, anyway), and if my abnormalities can be used to teach others, why not do that? It happened with my tonsils while in Vegas, so why not do it again here where it can be a gain for all involved (no more periods, woohoo!)???

And then I look at Monkey child, and I see how much he lights up when he sees other babies, and how he cares for his baby doll that Supergrammy got him for Christmas, and I think he really needs a sibling. And I really wish I had a little girl (though I'd be happy with a boy too) to have some balance in the house.

Want some of my juice?

Seriously, am I crazy for potentially putting myself through a high risk pregnancy?

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's official: trying again

I've really been thinking about whether or not to risk another pregnancy, and since i had my follow up with my RE over in Burlington today I decided to talk it over with her. She said while I am considered high risk, as long as we work together to keep everything monitored and have more frequent check-ups, it is possible to have one more child. She put in a prescription for extra folic acid (because of Monkey Child's SB AND my IBS issues, I'm at higher risk for having another child with SB issues) as well as a prenatal vitamin, and gave us the all clear to start trying again. If nothing happens in three months, I go back and we review our options to see about conceiving. IVF won't be an option, because it's $6,800, but there are other options to check into.

Is it wrong of me to be slightly terrified??? LOL Probably not. Still, I worry. We really want a girl, but another boy is okay too, give Monkeychild someone to play with either way!

But I must say, it will be nice to say buh-bye to the birth control pills! They really throw me off mentally and physically.