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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writer's Block AGAIN

Son of a bitch.

I finally have a great idea, and get the idea down into the computer for my stories that I am writing, but once I get the idea on paper I got nowhere else. I just....damn it! I've been trying to get writing done and I just can't get anything out. Nothing about my story, anyway. All I've been able to do is tweak characteristics and character names, maybe a little about the place.

For those interested, it's about a FBI profiler who wins a huge Powerball jackpot and decides to leave the FBI and move home. Jaded by all the negativity she saw while working for the FBI, she decides to use the money to open a community center with the help of an old high school crush. the series starts with their story and how they get together, the next book involves one of her sisters, who has a horrible husband leave her with two small kids, and her rebuilding of her life with a possible new love interest. The third is their other sister, a widow from the war on terror who is becoming an architect and butts heads with the Village mayor about the revitalization of the village with all the small businesses opening up after the community center classes. Through all of them is their older brother, who looks out for them all and is caring but not so good at showing it. There will be more stories after it, probably, but the overall theme is how a town is learning to rebuild in an economy where the small town lifestyle is usually a dying breed. The first heroine is the one who gets the ball rolling by proposing a small business course at the community center, where people can learn to start something new and vital to a town and creating grants from her money to help some get started with strict guidelines on how to qualify.

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