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Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling human again

I am not cut out to be a stay at home mama.

I have the utmost respect for those who can do it; even more for those who can juggle keeping the house clean and the kiddos content. Me, I have a hard time just getting the energy to get dressed some days. To be fair, I have been ill and mostly housebound, but still. I miss being able to walk out my door and down the street on the sidewalk to a park or a running track to jog, or to a store, or even to be able to rely on city transit to save money.

The Bald man FINALLY got a good job, pending a background check and TB test (medical support technician), with the VA, so our money issues are hopefully going to be seriously less severe, but when you don't drive and you live in the middle of nowhere, money doesn't do a whole hell of a lot. Luckily, I am working on getting my license and we do plan on getting a second vehicle, so I can travel around with little man as needed. I miss being able to get around alone!

I guess what I miss most is a city environment in general. I miss being able to go to a 24 hour store if needed, or being able to catch a bus every half an hour or so, etc. If only I could convince Bald Man that a city may be an option. We talked about our options after getting to Albany for his background check and TB test, and while a city is out of the question, we are talking about moving further south, closer to his work place, and close to the freeway. He won't consider Plattsburgh (although I don't consider THAT a city anyway...), but anything south of this evil hellhole is better than nothing!! I wish he'd consider Albany, but that would only be an option after I finish my master's and hopefully get a job at the VA...and even then, he's bound and determined to buy his grandmother's old property about 20 minutes away from Albany. Not my favorite place in the world even though the view is great. Still, it would be better than here. What am I saying....ANY place is better than here. Maybe it'd be different if we lived in the village proper, where there are at least sidewalks to walk on safely, maybe not....but after a trip to Albany I know what I do miss.

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