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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whatever happened to common courtesy?

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but when you plan on visiting someone you rarely see, you call them ahead of time to set up a time, right?

Apparently my SIL and her family do not understand this courtesy. They have family church camp up here this weekend (which we didn't know about, since we don't do the church thing and the camp is two towns over and away from the roads we drive on a regular basis), and they wanted to see us, but of course the days we have off they have to visit other people. Had we known when they were going to come up, we could have re-arranged our appointments so we could visit (a VA TB test for Sean and some fillings for me), but no, we didn't find out until Friday night that they were coming up Saturday.

Urgh!!!!! She already drives me up the wall with her behavior and manners; this is the same SIL who left work and drove nine hours to the funeral of Corey Haim, the actor. A person she didn't even know, just admired. Yeah, but she couldn't come up and visit her nephew when he was in the NICU or when he had surgery, AND just HAD to have her mother come down at his surgery time when I could have really used her support (especially after Supergrammy PROMISED to be there), because her nanny was having some issues. This girl....*sigh*

As you can tell, we don't get along. We are very different in personality and beliefs, and while I respect that she has a different viewpoint, she cannot do the same. I get along with her husband okay, because he at least doesn't push his own agenda; but ugh.....I was excited when I married Bald Man that I would finally have a sister, but sadly it isn't fun or neat.

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