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Friday, May 20, 2011

PPCOS II study (Also known as Becoming a Lab Rat)

now that we know I don't have a bicornuate uterus like previously though, I've gone through the process of starting the PPCOS II study. It's out of UVM, a HUGE med school and university in the area.
To put it simply, it's a long process: I had to fill out a LOT of paperwork, and they stuck me a couple times this morning for bloodwork. Once all my labs (and Baldman's "contribution"), I'll be placed in a study group testing what is more effective in getting women with PCOS pregnant, with a secondary test to see if one drug is more effective in producing only singleton pregnancies than the standard Clomid which has a higher risk of multiples. It's at the most a six month study, which ends as soon as we get pregnant.

I like the doctor who is doing it. He REALLY LISTENS, and actually wants to help get the PCOS under control after we have this second (and LAST) child. He's doing another study he wants me to try out too, about emotional memory, which we'll see about. :-) Since I've actually administered some of the memory tests used in that one, I'm not sure I would be a good candidate to be a subject, but he knows that. He was surprised and impressed that I took the time to write out my gyn history for him after he called the day before yesterday and brought it in for him so that he would have it all documented and on hand when email his partners in the project. Baldman even got a kick out of him. :-)

I regret not being more pro-active than I already was before this. I should have taken the step to get this all under control sooner, but the OB/GYN practices on this side of the lake didn't seem to think it was necessary, and while i had my doubts I listened to them. Now when I drive by those offices, I show them the finger; I tell everyone I can to take their care over to Burlington. I thought medical people were supposed to want to get the best treatment for their patients, even if it means transferring their care to a larger hospital. How can people be so selfish or have such an ego that they put their pride in front of their patients needs?

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