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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Literally Gobsmacked

To go back in time I have to say that I was diagnosed with the bicornuate uterus in 2007 at my original OB/GYN office. It was confirmed only via ultrasound, no other tests were run. Let's just say that the diagnosis of that was a huge blow.

I transferred over to the medical center in VT with the medical school attached back in July to get the PCOS under control. They do a lot of studies and they really keep up on their research. I started with one doc, who referred me to another one in her practice who is running a study on PCOS, and at first I was disqualified because of the bicornuate uterus. However, he wanted an ultrasound anyway to get a follicle count. In the ultrasound the tech and the first year resident noticed that there was not a bicornuate uterus as I was told in 2007. They talked to the doctor, who came in and asked if they could do an HSG test while I was there (he knew I was coming from a couple hours away). I said sure, why not, and they did it.

It turns out that.....I DO NOT HAVE A BICORNUATE UTERUS!!! The twits at the old practices were WRONG. What there is, is a slight septum that is 1cm big dipping in. He said that he wouldn't even consider needing to operate on it; and that he wanted to talk to his co-horts in this study he is running, but since he is primary investigator in the study he wants to put me in it!!! All fertility treatments (drugs, exams, etc) until conception would be free.

Can you tell I am so freakin' excited???? I'm still recovering from the HSG test, which is very uncomfortable and makes you all crampy afterward, but this is huge news.


  1. Wow. I've never heard of this: bicornuate uterus. So glad you got a second, or third or fourth, opinion. And thanks for reading and commenting over at Momformation.

  2. bicornuate uterus is a birth defect where the ducts that come together in development don't fuse properly; instead of being shaped like an upside down pear the uterus is shaped like a heart, with a big septum in the middle. makes having kids and/or carrying to term very difficult.

    I enjoy reading your stuff over there, Betsy!