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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fertility treatments suck

I don't know which drug we're assigned, but I sure hope it works this time. Last month was not lucky (I still blame the Baldman and his need to help the cousins with the airport for missing the window, not to mention his inability to stick to the schedule).

Whatever drug this is, it's making me moody and cranky and sick and I hate how I feel. I hate being emotional all the damn time (worse than in high school, which should tell you all something if you remember me from then). I hate being sick to my stomach and still having to do everything in the house plus take care of MonkeyChild, even though Baldman is home. I seriously question why we are doing this study at times, even though I want one more child, because why would I want to increase my workload more with no help or support?

I know it's the emotions talking, but damn it, I want this hellish nightmare to be over. So if people could send some babydust positive vibes my way and maybe this time it will work it would be greatly appreciated.

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