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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, July 1, 2011

Study day 24

Today was my followup in the study to go in for a follicle count, bloodwork and to trade in packets.

The good news? The first round did cause ovulation, so my med amount doesn't need adjusting, which is nice.

The eh news? Don't know yet if I am pregnant or not. it's too soon for anything to show up on bloodwork or on ultrasound. I have to wait a week to test or for my period to show up.

The bad news? The research assistant doing my blood draw today blew my last good vein in my left arm. My right arm has been no good for years, thanks to the air force vampires who couldn't do a good stick if their promotions depended on it. This means from now on the draws have to be in my hands, which this assistant tried to do but just hates and only got one vial of three needed, but it was enough for them to do the tests needed. I now have very bruised hand and inner crook of my elbow.

Now it's time for the waiting please, send positive thoughts and baby dust my way!!!

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