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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am a mom.

I am a mom.

I am a mom who believes in letting her child explore his world and question everything, no matter what the question is.

I am a mom who works hard to learn all sides to an argument, and form an educated opinion on an issue, whether it is a political, theological, or parenting issue.

I am a mom who accepts others as they are, and hopes that others can accept me as I am.

I am a mom who relies on what she can see, what she can hear, and what can be proven by scientific fact. I am a mom who understands that science is fluid and ever changing, and keeps her mind open to that process.

I am a mom, who questions authority, and sometimes wonders why others blindly accept what cannot be proved but I accept that others have different beliefs.

I am a mom who believes things happen for a reason, and it is not necessarily from a higher power or being. Things can usually be explained by science or reason or logic.

I am a mom who doesn’t ask people to change their belief systems; I am a mom that hopes that people who believe in the Golden rule of loving thy neighbor and treating others the way that they want to be treated can put it into practice and accept that everyone is different and be tolerant, if not accepting.

I am a mom who decided to become educated in theology and learn about all faiths before making the decision to become a humanist. This does not mean I do not think all religious people are uneducated; on the contrary, some of the most educated people I know are religious. They also happen to be the most tolerant people of all. While they wish I shared in their beliefs, they also know not to push the issue.

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