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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I crazy?

I wonder if I am crazy for trying again.

After all, we already know that no matter what a pregnancy will be high risk, because of the BU. There's also the higher risk of Spina Bifida or spinal related issued because of both Monkey Child's SB and because of my IBS. But because we know the risks, and are taking measures to prevent as many issues as possible (i.e., extra folic acid to prevent the SB, and extra appointments to monitor the pregnancy closely), maybe it's not so crazy. Plus, I even told my doc in Burlington that I would donate my uterus to the hospital as a teaching aid after I have my second child (BU is very rare; only between 0.1-0.5% of all women in the US have one. It's a birth defect). While I think she thought I was joking, I was perfectly serious when I mentioned it in my appointment on Monday. I only want two kids (at least biological ones, anyway), and if my abnormalities can be used to teach others, why not do that? It happened with my tonsils while in Vegas, so why not do it again here where it can be a gain for all involved (no more periods, woohoo!)???

And then I look at Monkey child, and I see how much he lights up when he sees other babies, and how he cares for his baby doll that Supergrammy got him for Christmas, and I think he really needs a sibling. And I really wish I had a little girl (though I'd be happy with a boy too) to have some balance in the house.

Want some of my juice?

Seriously, am I crazy for potentially putting myself through a high risk pregnancy?

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  1. Not crazy. Just human. Passionately human. Good luck with your decisions.