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Monday, January 3, 2011

It's official: trying again

I've really been thinking about whether or not to risk another pregnancy, and since i had my follow up with my RE over in Burlington today I decided to talk it over with her. She said while I am considered high risk, as long as we work together to keep everything monitored and have more frequent check-ups, it is possible to have one more child. She put in a prescription for extra folic acid (because of Monkey Child's SB AND my IBS issues, I'm at higher risk for having another child with SB issues) as well as a prenatal vitamin, and gave us the all clear to start trying again. If nothing happens in three months, I go back and we review our options to see about conceiving. IVF won't be an option, because it's $6,800, but there are other options to check into.

Is it wrong of me to be slightly terrified??? LOL Probably not. Still, I worry. We really want a girl, but another boy is okay too, give Monkeychild someone to play with either way!

But I must say, it will be nice to say buh-bye to the birth control pills! They really throw me off mentally and physically.

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