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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Needs a mommy break

Not a break from my mom, but we're pretty much on that already except for her comments on Facebook, at least until she gets a new phone that's not attached to a crazy psycho guy who can track her phone calls.

I mean a break from my boy. I love him, I do. and I love that he's getting more into playing with someone rather than parallel play or alone. But sometimes I just need a break to do school work and housework.

I get one Sunday every other week at home alone, and I have to spend that time trying to catch up on schoolwork because the Monkey Child just won't let me study or write; by the time Bald Man comes home I am too tired to study, especially now that I have given up regular caffeine (I still get an occasional Starbucks once in a while). I've been tempted to try getting up early with the Baldman to work on stuff while Monkey Child sleeps some more, but it's so nice and warm and cozy in my bed on these cold days....and Saturdays are spent taking Baldman's cousins out and away from their grandma (the one who said Monkey child would be retarded because he had a flat face) for the day (thankfully for them they will be moving into their new home in about two weeks, but we're still going to get them out of the house...keeps them out of trouble)

I'm thinking of teaching Monkey child a new routine of "studying time", where he gets to sit at his table and color and practice his letters (he's got his letter J down!), while I at least get the reading done from my textbooks to keep up in that regard. He's good about not coloring on anything but paper now, because he knows that if he does he loses crayon privileges for 24 hours.

LOL, I should probably get back to my studying, but I had to vent a little. Just so tired.

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