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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How can anyone...

...say, even jokingly, that they would put a bullet in someone's head when talking shit about them?

My brother in law was up visiting his friend for an annual birthday drinking binge and went to visit our cousins while up here. I don't think he knew how much we see them, and was bitching about me and all the shit that happened between his sister and I, and said that if he ever saw me again he was going to put a bullet in my head for all the shit that went down. The cousins stood up for me, and told him off. That was the first time anyone stood up for me. My own husband wouldn't stand up for me on the shit that went down before to either one. This time he emailed him via facebook supposedly to tell him off, but it still feels like too little too late, know what I mean? Maybe I'm more emotional right now because of the Provera to stop the bleeding, which makes sense, but it hurts

I'm lucky that this jerk lives eight hours away and only comes up once a year. I'm sorry, after what happened with the congresswoman in Arizona (who he hated but I totally respected), how can ANYONE say something like this? Even jokingly?

I cannot believe this guy, his sister and my husband are related. I cannot believe that my husband's parents are the parents to these two; my in laws are wonderful and so nice and we get along well.

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  1. Woah! That's crazy. Who the frak says that? I know what you mean about your husband not sticking up for you sometimes. I feel that way about mine in occasion I get into it with some of his family (or issues with mutual friends before we were married.) I think in their heads they are doing the right thing but it just leaves you a little hurt. (and hello! Just found this by way of twitter. ;-) )