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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No luck at steps

So I've been bleeding for 12 days now. Yeah, TWELVE days. I called my doctor and they said that it's the sign that means I haven't been ovulating. F***ing hell.

This means that I have to take medication to stop the bleeding (which I have taken before), and then start taking fertility meds to make me ovulate.

I don't know how I feel about that, besides sad. I wanted to get pregnant without meds, but I know how difficult that will be (I don't want to wait another seven years for a child), so I guess if we're going to have baby number 2 I have to do this.

Baldman and I have a deal: we won't do IVF, which is what the next step would be if the fertility drugs don't work. It costs too much and if we had to use a surrogate there is no one I would want to do that. There has been an offer from a family member, but there is no way I would want that to happen with that person.

I really want to adopt if this doesn't work; Baldman is still not for it completely, but maybe this will change things.....I mean, the fertility meds are supposed to make people a little crazy, so what would he prefer, a crazy wife or a (not quite) normal wife?

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