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Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest on BIL saga

If you read my last blog, you know that my BIL said he wanted to shoot me in the head if he ever saw me again. Well, something that Baldman said may or may not have gotten through, because he called SuperGrammy and supposedly sounded contrite and repentant.

However, I don't necessarily believe him. The reason is simple. He told supergrammy that he would apologize to me and to Baldman if I apologized to the SIL (his and baldman's sister, who I have vented about before) for what went down in December. He said he had no way to contact us, but he has our phone numbers and our email addresses, so either he's lying to SuperGrammy or he's just wanting us to make the first move so he can feel like the bigger man.

I'm sorry, what are we, TWELVE? Come on. I have nothing to apologize for. And to be fair, neither does she; she has her opinion and I have mine. We are entitled to them and we don't have to like each other. I didn't say anything negative to her or to her family save for Baldman and on here where no names are used and she is unlikely to see it. I tolerated the name calling and the insults, I put up with the mistreatment and smacktalking for years. I don't want to deal with it anymore. I don't need the stress and I don't want to expose my son to that.

If he's truly contrite, then he knows my number. I don't blame him for stick up for his sister (I would do the same for my brothers, although with less violent terms and behaviours), but I do take issue with him doing it behind my back and to people who know me better than he does and actually care about me.

With this and the Baldman not telling his siblings how he feels about their treatment, I feel like I married into a family of twelve year old siblings. They don't know how to communicate and in the case of BaldMan don't bother to even try anymore.

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