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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Farewell to Starbucks Coffee....

I have IBS, which is a huge pain because I have to watch what I eat even more than on a diet. Certain foods can cause an episode, which means no more broccoli (which I miss a lot, because it's my favorite veggie), no more grapes, or even oranges. Over time, more foods cause a reaction, so it sucks royally.
The latest trigger item has become my most beloved drink: Starbucks Coffee. I am a coffee snob, I admit this freely. I will NOT drink any other coffee; I don't even brew it at home. I converted Mad Cow to drinking it, and countless others.
Today it was so horrid, I've had to make the sad decision to give up my coffee. I will still go to Starbucks, but now it's going to have to be for non-coffee stuff, like the delicious Caramel Apple Spice. But damn it, it won't be the same!!
I guess it's good I'm giving it up; after all, I should give up caffeine anyway if I want a healthy pregnancy, etc.

Farewell, my beloved Starbucks, I will miss thee...
From the time Zukster and Meddy addicted me
To the lovely new drink that came out recently...

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