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Friday, March 12, 2010

What ever happened to....?

...the good and very educational TV shows of before? I'm talking about shows like Little Bill, which only shows now on Nick Jr. once a day. This show is awesome. it shows a sense of community, and social skills, as well as diversity in both race issues and disabilities. Blue's Clues shows how to problem solve, people with disabilities, and is just amusing.
It's like TV nowadays doesn't even address the issue of diversity at all. It seems as though shows like Oswald, Pinky Dinky Doo, and all those other shows are focused more on the reading and writing and arithmetic. That's all well and good; but seriously, kids get a lot of the math and word work already no matter where they live, but not every kid gets the chance to see people of other cultural groups or disabilities where they live. I mean, I live in an area with VERY little diversity, and the only real disabled person Monkey Child will see on a regular basis is The Bald Man. We don't have a religious belief in this family other than acceptance and tolerance of others, so we're wanting to teach him more about all faiths.
I swear, teaching children about differences and diversity is not an easy feat, and I always wonder how we're supposed to do this in this day and age if the opportunities aren't available in the area you live in.... 

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