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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A letter to my old doctor's office (what I wanted to write!)

To whom it SHOULD concern:

Yes, I am overweight. I already know this, seeing as how I live with my body every day, so there is no need to point this out to me. In other words, do not assume I am oblivious or stupid.
I am not stupid, so your patronizing tone is not necessary. Surprisingly, I do know how to read and write, and I can understand basic medical concepts. That bachelors degree in psychology hanging in my house is not just for show.
With that education, I do know how to do research. When I'm given a diagnosis that affects my day to day life, I am going to do my research and learn about different treatment options. I suggest that you keep up on your research if you plan on treating patients at all.
That being said, the lack of respect and dedication to keeping up on research from the staff of this practice is why I am taking my business elsewhere. I would rather be treated like an intelligent human being, not like an imbecile. I would rather be able to see my doctor within two weeks of calling, not having to call two months in advance to get an appointment to get an appointment with the one practitioner who listens.


The person with a brain


  1. You should send this to them. Seriously.

  2. I sent them a much nicer one when I had to request that my records be transferred to a new office, but it basically said the same thing.