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Saturday, March 20, 2010

the Terrors of Teething and other trials...

Monkey Child is teething again.

I know it's a part of growing up, and I am happy that Monkey Child has his come in as sets instead of one by one, but OMG! It's when we're in the middle of this teething hell that I seriously question having another child.

Right now, I really am unsure about it. I love my son, and I would love to give him a little play mate, but maybe there are other ways to do that. Our friends have a son only a week older of him, and I found out about a play group in the next village over that he could have fun in, as well as one on Fridays in Plattsburgh, but I would have to work with Super Grammy on those to make sure we wouldn't be stuck down there all night.

I mean, I am already having to cope with one toddler, plus the disabled Bald Man, plus the serious problems of Booger Child and trying to get him out of my damn house, I'm not sure it's even worth having another child. We can handle it financially, sort of, but space-wise, and stress-wise, I don't know if it's even worth trying again. We do own our own home, and own it outright (no mortgage), but our trailer is only a single wide and has only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Space is TIGHT. Bald Man is waiting on his status for Social Security, and they do a retroactive payment from the day the claim was filed (he is VERY limited in what he can do now and even when he finishes his degree...anyway), so we may be able to get a larger trailer (maybe even a doublewide!), but I cannot count on that.

Am I crazy? (Shush, Mad Cow!)

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