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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing the Military...sometimes

Sometimes I miss the military life. I miss the base housing that power and water were paid for, I miss the medical with no co-pay, and I miss the inexpensive commisary and base exchange. I miss the steady paycheck twice a month, rather than the once a month disability check.
However, what I don't miss about the military are the doctors themselves. While I did have one AWESOME PA (PA Hot Stuff), I don't miss the doctors who treated me like crap, and the ones who said "It's a good thing you're miscarrying because you're too young to have children." or the one who brushed me off when I has a three month long period. That's right: THREE MONTHS. It didn't end until The Bald Man got out of the service and we moved up here. I go into my first doctor's appointment up here and the only good doc in the practice (the practice the last blog is directed to) was able to fix it right away. Not only did the other one brush me off, but after the ultrasound I INSISTED on to check for endometrosis the string of pearls was visible but dismissed. I finally got my records from the military after the bleeding ended, and as soon as I showed them to Good Doc, he was able to diagnose me with PCOS, and continued to say that it should have been diagnosed years ago.
All that misery, seriously, just makes me happy I am out of that lifestyle. There are other things I don't miss, like the cattiness and bitchiness that sometimes comes with military wives (except for a few, like Mad Cow and Baking Queen), and the regs for behavior of wives.

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