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Friday, March 19, 2010


I am usually pretty tolerant. I know people have different beliefs and opinions, and that's okay. I usually keep my opinions to myself unless someone really pushes me, and even then, I tell the pusher that we can have different beliefs and the world will still go around. But REALLY!

Attacking an orphaned 11 year old??? That's just wrong. Not that I like the idea of using orphaned kids to push a political agenda in the first place, but to attack the CHILD is just abhorrent.

I am a liberal in most aspects; I believe in tolerance and open expression. I think the only things I fall into the conservative category about are the death penalty (I am pro-death penalty. It's a family reason) and the military issues (I am not pro-war, I am pro supporting the troops who serve and their families who sacrifice a lot), and even in those issues I tend to lean to the moderate line. I support the idea of a universal health care system, so that people who need treatment can get it when they need it. Whenever I hear of people opposing it, I think of Baking Queen, whose husband spent years of his life in the military and while he has health coverage through the Veteran's Administration, she has no health care coverage. I've noticed the most vocal of the opponents to universal health care are those who can afford to get insurance, or even better, have it through their employers. I lucked out in qualifying for state health care because the Bald Man doesn't make enough to buy a policy, but others aren't so lucky, especially those who get social security but collect too much in that to get medical coverage...

This piece of news just makes me want to be more vocal. Not easy to do in a conservative area, but hey, that's what a blog is for...I am all for free press (LOL, working for a newspaper sort of forces that issue), but you NEVER attack a child, no matter what. How can these pundits call themselves journalists? There are ethics, dammit! You don't attack a victim and you DEFINITELY do NOT attack a child!!

*holding up mug of tea* Here's hoping the health care bill passes!

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